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4 Ways To Design Around A Television

In the interior design and decorating industry, a common challenge many professionals face with their projects is how to best incorporate a television into their design. With stunning, unique and detailed designs always being our main goal, you could imagine why clients would request that they don't want the TV to be the focal point of the room. Oddly enough, when we ask clients what they want the primary function of the room to be, more often than not they say to curl up with their partner or children to watch television. You see how this can get tricky?

To help navigate this dilemma, we have put together 4 of the most tried and true ways of creating a design with a TV in mind.

Put your TV above a console.

A great way to take the focus away from your television is to pair it with an interesting piece of furniture, such as a console table with storage, rather than your typical media or entertainment unit. In doing so, this beautifies the TV area and takes your eyes away from all of the components and boxes and shifts them to the colour, material or details of the piece. Aim to choose large to oversized furniture to create weight beneath the TV, and something with doors to hide away wires and equipment. Lastly, add some accessories to finish off the look!

Place your TV on a dark wall.

When putting up your television, try to place it on a dark wall. This helps avoid creating a jarring contrast between the black and shiny elements of a television and a light background. In doing so, this allows the TV blend into the wall and makes the design and placement of the TV feel more intentional. Setting up a dark backdrop for your TV can be done through using a dark paint colour on top of drywall or wood

paneling, slabs of stone and tile in dark shades, or cabinetry or built-in's painted in a dark colour.

Use a built-in to frame your TV.

Balance the weight of your TV by designing custom built-in cabinetry around it. This provides great storage pace for components, wires, movies, games, blankets etc. Also, built-in cabinetry is a fabulous way to display accessories to enhance the overall design and brings your attention away from the television.

Your TV can also be hidden completely behind cabinet doors as well if the client truly does not want their TV to be seen when it's not in use. At NFG Designs, we love to incorporate built-in's around fireplaces, this way you have the option of putting artwork, a clock or a mirror above the fireplace as the focal point and allowing the TV to be off to the side.

Make your TV a work of art.

In today's day and age, technology continues to blow our mind with how it has adapted and catered to the interior design industry. Nowadays, you can purchase a television that has it's own "art" setting. Cool huh? This means that when the TV is not in use, you change the screen to display an array of different artwork options, including abstract, landscape, architectural etc. This creates the illusion of a piece of art in place of your TV, and truly solves the issues of where to place your television to avoid being the focal point. A commonly purchased option is the Samsung Frame TV. It has loads of different options, which makes it super easy to adjust according to the season, holiday, occasion, new decor pieces or simply your everyday mood.


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