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At NFG Designs, we never want you to worry about project details. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are managing these details for you. Our structured planning, sourcing and management process allows your project to be completed seamlessly from beginning to end – no detail is left unfinished. We have a simple yet strategic process, whether we’re working on the whole home for you or a single room our steps remain the same.




Every project begins with a 2-hour consultation. During our intensive 2 hours working meeting our goal is to understand your project, the scope of work, take measurements, discuss your design needs and establish budgets. A proposal for the next steps to your project will be reviewed together at the end of the consultation.


This is where Nikki and her team bring your design dreams to life! A detailed presentation package will reflect all architectural elements, floor plans, furniture arrangements, ceiling plans, millwork and trim details, any elevations required for the implementation of the designs, quotations and trades. Samples for flooring, furniture & fabrics, drapery, paint colours, etc. will all be at your fingertips during our presentation to complete the full design experience.



Post presentation we will be working to manage all the details we’ve created for you including ordering, providing your contractor and their trades the information required to implement the design, follow up, site visits and installations. Each detail requires close review and management to ensure your project delivers the extra special details we’ve designed for you and so we achieve the end result we have worked so hard to create together!

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