Nikki Fisher


Nikki founded her interior decorating firm in 2011. After graduating a decade ago from the Interior Decorating program at Sheridan College with honours and earning a Canadian Decorator’s Association (CDECA) award; she started NFG Designs part-time while working beyond her day job as a kitchen designer to bring full interior design and decorating services to clients who were already utilizing her talents in the custom millwork industry.

Her career has specialized in luxurious custom cabinetry and exceptional customer service skills which have brought Nikki a refined definition of “attention to detail”. 

Nikki’s clients appreciate her efficient, perceptive and meticulous nature while working with her on design projects. 


Her personal style is what she calls “tailored traditional”, where neutral foundations set the tone and added layers bursting full of playful colours and patterns bring in personality. She believes these traits are the groundwork to creating interiors that are defined to each of her client's own styles. 

What is your favourite piece of advice you would give to our clients? 


Invest in quality pieces.

Superb Foundation = Superb Outcome

Lily Zucchiatti

Lily graduated from the Interior Design program at Sheridan College with high honours. Upon graduating she began her career working specifically in cabinetry where she discovered her true passion for the detailed work of custom millwork and construction drawings.

Over a decade in the industry has allowed her to refine her detail-oriented mind. Whether it be working on her own or most importantly with a team, her experience showcases her ability to collaborate effortlessly in a way that plays to everyone's strengths to ensure the best possible outcome for both the clients and overall project.

Lily describes her interior design style as minimalistic yet functional modern Scandinavian. She enjoys showcasing the warmth of natural materials, such as woods and leather blends, with light and airy backdrops. Oh, and the odd pop of colour and pattern of course!

What is your favourite piece of advice you would give to our clients? 

Invest in good lighting. Showcasing a beautiful space and embracing the overall mood of it is very dependent on having the right amount, and types of light (ie. decorative, ambient, task, etc.).

Fun Fact: Nikki and Lily use to work together back when both of their careers were in the custom millwork industry. They have remained close friends since and are reunited as Team NFG Designs!